Destinations always change
It could be hours
It seems like days
Wait around as though nothing's wrong,
But heaven knows we've tried so long
To do the final breakthrough
A choice of gifts with cards to deal
A narrow table, Legs of steel
A window seat with views the same
All down the line we play the game for two
Now we are two
Destinations never change
It seems as though we're days away,
and all the points that lead us to
We never stop just pass on through again
Do it again.

Day of The Lords

We won't forget you on the day of the lords
When our hearts stopped
When we put up the boards
To relax from all the sickness of words
To escape from the collapse of the worlds
We won't forget you though in violence you go
As the wheels turned in the theaters below
An escape from the ends never met
In apartments with the lives not formed yet
You never really understood
You never tried to change our minds
As long as you were in control
As long as we could spare the time
And because you needed to win
On the day of the lords
We won't forget you on the day of the lords
In a new town just clutching at straws
With the door shut now the running has ended
And a last thought of the chances surrendered.


He desires love in some special way
Against all perversions fed with fruits of decay
He remembers how the guilty have seen
All the pure but selfish
Buried in his dreams
He sees a vision in the sky
Looking down at him
Calling him by name
Yeah he sees faces from yesterday
Of what might have been
But the past must still remain
He desires love not some perfect affair
In hotels of steel and glass
Just to cross the stairs
But he can still see all the angels in time
As his dreams of ecstasy
Turned to nightmares of crime
He sees a vision in the sky looking down at him
How the past must still remain
Yeah he sees a vision in the sky staring down at him
He'll always see the same
Sure I'll see you down
You do for me, I did for you
Cure just takes you down
We're down for good that's understood.

Untitled (4)

Searching for some other way
To bring some small relief
Never to be satisfied and snatch at all beliefs
Didn't have the energy to make up for my part
Everything seemed easy but I didn't have the heart
Things that on the surface
Seemed so very much the same
But once you've made the move
So long nothing else remains
So afraid to make a break
For fear of what I'd do
It can cause repressive treatment
When they put the blame on you
I know now just where I stand
These thoughts will never cross
Victim of security hoping to get lost
Bet you've worked the whole machine
And never missed out much
Still staring in the mirror
Trying so hard not to push
Put you on a wooden cross
Nailed reasons to your hand
Covered in self pity
Maybe now you'll understand.

Untitled (2)

Perverse reactions
The failings of mankind
What is your disability?
What cross do you bear?
Will your crucifixion
Leave a better place for your children?
Your childrens' children?
Can you expect so much
As terrors of the modern age loom over distant hills
In violent cities
Quiet towns and settled homes
Ignorance a poor mans friend
Avenues all lined with trees and bitter memories
Technology and the ghost of Christmas past
A family that haunts even in your more friendly dreams
Father can I go out now?
Father can I go? Father who are you?
Where am I? What am I?


Moving out in a new line
Setting our course by the sun
Leaving the shoreline behind us
We're drifting apart as we run
Wheels are in motion above us
Metal and power in disguise
Scared of the danger around us
We're drowning in our paradise
Wreckage and gold on the sea bed
Souls we could never reclaim
Grey are the skies that surround us
Forcing us farther away
Moving out in a new line
Setting our course by the sun
Leaving it all way behind us
We're drifting apart as we run.

Untitled (1)

I can see a thousand wills
Just bending in the night
And all the pretty faces
Painted grey to match the sky
From a distance seeing friends
Just washed up on the shore
A picture in my mind
Of what's to come before the storm
In time we don't belong in our own lifetime
I can hear the voices
Lost in echoes as they build
New homes to hide the sadness
That the search for more had killed
From a byroad seeing friends
Just washed up on the shore
Pictures in my mind
Of what's to come before the storm
In time we don't belong in our own lifetime
I can feel an emptiness
And see heads held in shame
Trapped inside a legacy
Of everyone to blame
In the distance I see myself
Just washed upon the shore
A picture in my mind
Of what will come before the storm
In time we don't belong in our own lifetime
We won't crawl and never show our faces
We'll stand firm and never show the traces
Of the fear we knew but always could disguise
Of this sinking feeling hid behind our eyes.

Untitled (6)

Edging towards a child you may keep
Rethreading the boards
Pretty young thing
You'll get your reward
Permission to speak
A place to yourself
A garden with swings
Handwritten cards do nothing to ease the burden
Where is my release
Face up to them all
As they sway side to side
They put me on show
Regrets and rewinds to take life away
Was life ever really there?, No sound, No.....

Waiting for The Ice Age

Scratching out atrocity
Splintered in the sand
In a death shroud looking back
Walking hand in hand
Draw the lines onto your face
To make it look brand new
Nothing here will fit in place to screen the likes of you
Stranded in hostility buried further down
Waiting in a churchyard
For the sons of chance to come around
Burning down conventions now
To give me all the proof
Nothing here will hold somehow
To give a glimpse of truth
Searching for some other
Life to hide behind the door
On a strange wave plunging down
With hopes for little more
Someone might have changed somewhere
To bring us into line
All so near to hit and run
To cut the gaps in time
Waiting for the cold
To face one final stand
Viewing scenes in black and white
Walking hand in hand
Reaching from the distance
To find some strength again.

Untitled (5)

Just watching you
Tearing strips off just for fun
To get a better fit
All eyes on you
Sex induced
The labor proves
Just watching every drip
Waiting for you
Bought us out to close all doors with broken laws
Your laws don't fit
It's all so coldly logical
Without a trace of fear
Intentions mask indifference
Built up throughout the years
Not televised conceals the motives
Not waiting for ease
Until the cancer grows replacing hope
And you are the disease
Just watching you
Some minor incident
An instant eyes turn blind
All eyes in you
Just some kind of accident
In gods name left behind
Waiting for you
Destroying gains all lost in vain
But kept in mind
You're way behind
Some stranger atrocity commit in silence now
Not in these times
Another world
But it's so close somehow
A shattered nerve for those who serve
The reason lost it's way
In streets of fear and all those here
The internees of hate
Just watching you
Tearing strips off just for fun
To get a better fit
All eyes in you, Broken causes
No one knows the real cause, You're it
Waiting for you
Ultimatum, Change it soon
Don't cling to every bit, It just won't fit.

Johnny 23

Door slides open
Johnny laughs
A view from above
Sticks his head out of the window and dries his eyes
I remember a winter sometime ago
Angular patterns formed deep in the ground
Where someone once stood
White on black, White on white
Echoed voices bouncing of the buildings around
A ramp to the trees and trees all around
I remember a tear frozen white on white
I remember nothing
A gray saloon
Johnny sighs
Winds down the window and stares at the road
Some things never make sense
A fear of stepping out
Crouches shivering in the corner
Blanket around your shoulder
Hot then cold, cold then warm
Pulse is racing, Stopped
I remember nights spent listening to until dawn
I remember nothing
Door slowly opens, Johnny sits on his bed
Lays down and dies.