~Ian Kevin Curtis was born in the old Tafford Memorial Hospital in Manchester, England on July 15, 1956 to Kevin and Doreen Curtis whom had been married for four years.

~His father was a detective officer for the Transport Commission Police.

~As A child one of his closest friends lived 5 doors up from him. His name was Tony Nuttal.

~Ian had a younger sister named Carole.

~When Ian was in high school he had to attend required social services which involved spending time with the elderly, during these visits he would raid the medicine cabinets for various pills. On one rare occasion he had to have his stomach pumped after taking a large dose of Largactil.

~When he was 16 he met a girl from Tony Nuttal named Deborah Woodruff who would later become his wife.

~He married Deborah Woodruff when he was 19 in August of 1975.

~Ian admired young rock musicians who had died in their peak like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

~He would often speak about not wanting to live past his early twenties.

~On April 16,1979 him and Deborah had a daughter which they named Natalie.

~One of Ians most favorite performers was David Bowie.

~Ian had always fantasized about having his own band and Deborah always supported his ideas.

~"Ian was a writer. He would always have a file box with him full of lyrics. He'd sit at home and just write all the time instead of watching telly. He'd stay up, I don't know this, I'm just surmising because he'd come in with reams and reams of lyrics." (Bernard Sumner)

~On December 29,1978 Ian had one of his first epileptic fits.

~Sometimes Ian would talk about having flashbacks where he would say he would have the sensation of floating as if he had taken drugs though he had not. His widow referred to this as a possible early sign of epilepsy in her book, Touching From A Distance.

~Joy Division consisted of Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris.

~Before Joy division was known as Joy Division they were known as Warsaw which was taken from David Bowies Warszawa.

~Warsaw had many drummers until 1977 when Stephen Morris joined.

~Joy Division did over 150 gigs between 1977 and 1980.

~"Ian brought a direction. He was into the extremities of life. He wanted to make extreme music. He wanted to be totally extreme onstage. No half measures. Ians' influence seemed to be madness and insanity. He said that a member of his family had worked in a mental home and she used to tell him things about the people there, people with with 20 nipples or 2 heads and it made a big impression on him." (Bernard Sumner)

~Ian had an affair with Annick Honore. According to sources she would get ashamed when Ian would have an epileptic fit which in turn would cause Ian to feel ashamed and disheartened about his condition.

~In April of 1980 Deborah issued a divorce from Ian.

~On April 7,1980 Ian attempted suicide by cutting his wrists and taking an overdose of phenobarbitone.

~"It was the breakdown of his relationship accentuated by the amount of barbiturates he was taking to subdue his epilepsy. Barbiturates make you so you are laughing one minute, crying the next. He'd had a physical breakdown, a relationship breakdown which caused an emotional breakdown." (Bernard Sumner)

~A week before Ian committed suicide him and Rob Gretton went shopping and bought clothes.

~Around midday on May 18,1980 Ian Kevin Curtis was found dead by his wife Deborah. He had hung himself from an overhead clothes rack.

~"I was just about to sit down and have my dinner and the phone rang: " I'm Sgt. so and so and I'm sorry to inform you that Ian Curtis committed suicide last night." I went back in, sat down and had my dinner. Shock. It was such a huge thing to cope with, I don't think you ever really come to terms with it." (Peter Hook)

~The night that Ian took his own life he was watching Herzogs Strosceck, the plot of which concerns a German musician who travels to America and is swamped by the alien culture and commits suicide. He also reportedly played Iggy Pops "The Idiot" incessantly.