Hide IP Easy

Before you install Easy hide Ip , make sure you can 
clean up for Ask toolbar search engine , it's not easy but not
 impossible , but make sure you can do it otherwise , you will suffer from that
crap for good if you are not sure you can do that DO NOT INSTALL
THIS SOFTWARE , I don't know if there is any more
spyware in this software , but I don`t think so . .

See how to delete Ask.com : HERE

Her you find the homepage

Welcome to Easy Hide IP

spam master
Here you see this stinking rotten spamming crap on your browser

But there is hope :

See how to delete Ask.com : Here

Here you see the software easy to use !
Hide IP Easy

Hide IP Easy

(The dump jpg is in Danish but I trust you understand )

Fierfox seems to have problem whit woorking -
but there is a solution : HERE

About Thunderbird :
  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Click on the 'Tools' menu then select 'Options'
  3. Select the 'Advanced' icon
  4. Select the 'Network & Disc Space' tab
  5. In the Connection box click on the 'Settings...' button
  6. Select 'No Proxy' from the list and press 'OK'
  7. Press 'OK'
  8. --------------------------------------------'
  9. Åbn Thunderbird
    Klik menuen 'Funktioner' og vælg derefter 'Options'
    Vælg 'Avanceret' ikonet
    Vælg "Netværk & Disc Space 'fanen
    I Tilslutningsboks klik på 'Indstillinger ...' knappen
    Vælg 'Ingen proxy "fra listen og tryk på' OK '
    Tryk på 'OK'

But still it's not working ...



Now we try another vpn and its working so it CAN be done ...





But when it happens to woork in all fairness it's good

Hide IP Easy

Hide IP Easy

But when all this is said , if there someday came stabil connection to
the proxy it`s a good an cheap vpn solution

Remember it`s not woorking whit p2p